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It's that easy

  1.     Fill out the application form online.
  2.     Then print out the loan agreement and sign it in the appropriate places.
  3.     Have your identity confirmed by Postident at the nearest post office.
  4.     We will deliver your ordered goods to you immediately as soon as your financing application has been received by our partner bank (subject to a final positive check after receipt of your documents).

The following documents are required by the bank:

  •      Signed loan agreement
  •      Last salary statement / for self-employed the last BWA - with a financing amount from € 1.500, -
  •      A copy of the residence permit for non-EU nationals
  •      Students: Copy of a valid student card or enrollment certificate for the current semester and copy of the ec- / Maestro- or credit card
  •      Apprentices: copy of a current pay slip and copy of the ec / Maestro or credit card

The following requirements must be met:

  •      You are an employee and work for at least 3 months with your current employer. Your employment is for the next 12 months indefinite or
  •      You are a pensioner with an indefinite pension or
  •      You have been self-employed for at least 12 months.
  •      You have a regular income of at least € 650 net.
  •       You do not have a negative Schufa entry.


Like all banks, Consors Finance is required by law to conduct a legitimacy check. The identity of all new customers is checked before a loan is granted. This test is also for your own safety.

Your identity check can easily be done in the nearest branch of Deutsche Post.

Postident - in a few steps to your order:

    Read the printed contract carefully.
    Sign the contract in the designated places and attach the documents required by the bank.
    Seal the documents in an envelope and take them with the Postident form to the nearest post office.
    A Swiss Post employee confirms your identity on the basis of your valid identity card or passport.
    Upon receipt of the request for financing from Consors Finanz, we will deliver the goods ordered by you immediately (subject to a final positive check after receipt of your documents).

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