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Terms of Payment

PayPal Express

PayPal Express - pay quickly with a few clicks from your PayPal account without logging into the shop. Your data will be transferred directly from us to PayPal. Please note that no customer account is created and you cannot access your orders.


PayPal offers you simple, fast and secure payment on the Internet. PayPal is PCI-compliant: PayPal fulfills the security regulations according to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). With PayPal you pay with just two clicks, because your data is securely stored with PayPal. Your purchase arrives earlier because the payment is made immediately at

Direct debit (PayPal)

By direct debit (SEPA-compliant) by Paypal you pay comfortably by direct debit from your SEPA-compliant bank account. Your bank account will be debited when the order is completed. PayPal direct debit is only possible in Germany. You need for this a PayPal -Mitgliedskonto.

Invoice (PayPal)

With PayPal purchase on account, you can conveniently pay for your purchase by invoice (subject to credit checks by PayPal). Please pay the invoice amount directly to the PayPal account with a payment period of 30 days. Please do not transfer the amount to Gamingoase! All details will be sent to you by PayPal after the order has been placed. You do not need a PayPal membership onto it.


  • Purchase on account can be used for shopping cart values between EUR 1.50 and EUR 1500.
  • You are a private customer
  • You have a billing and delivery address in Germany
  • Creditworthiness

Credit card (PayPal)

By PayPal you can easily and safely, even without Paypal account to pay with your credit card. There are several card types to choose from. We do not store your credit card details. The charge of your credit card account is carried out with the order is completed. You don't need a Paypal account !

Payment in advance

Please transfer the invoice amount (total amount) to our bank account stating your order and customer number. You can also find our bank details in your order confirmation. After receipt of your transfer to your customer account, you will receive a payment confirmation via email from our accounting department. We reserve the goods you have ordered for 7 days. If we do not receive any payment in this period, the reservation will be canceled. If we have not received any money from us within 14 days of receiving your order, your order will be canceled automatically and completely free of charge.

Important for orders from abroad (SEPA transfer)

Please note that the IBAN and BIC of our bank are specified with the transfer. You will find our complete bank details on the invoice we sent you by email. The transfer must be made in full of the invoice amount . The bank charges incurred for the international transfer of your bank will be borne by you. The bank name of the receiving bank may not be entered in fair copy. If you have any further questions, please contact your bank. The transfer amount must be made in euros and will be transferred to a euro account. The client bank must support SEPA (= Single Euro Payments Area). More information about SEPA can be found here. If the conditions mentioned are not met, we cannot carry out the order. Therefore, make absolutely sure that the full invoice amount is credited to our account!

Cash on delivery

When you select the cash on delivery payment option, you pay your order as soon as you receive it, directly to the driver who delivers it . For cash on delivery payment in relation to parcel delivery, Deutsche Post / DHL also charges a transmission fee of 2.00 euros, which the postman will bill you directly. After placing your order through our web shop, you will receive an order confirmation by email. Your order will be transmitted from our web shop to our sales team, carefully checked and quickly confirmed. As soon as your order is completely ready for delivery, it will be shipped immediately. When the goods are handed over to the carrier, we will inform you of the package number of the goods by email. You can use this to track our delivery of goods seamlessly online. In this way you can see the current delivery status and plan the acceptance of the shipment better. The carrier commissioned by us accepts your payment directly when the package is handed over.

Please note that cash on delivery payments are only possible in cash!


Fast shipping of goods in stock. There are no delays such as bank lead times when paying in advance and you receive your goods much faster. No registration necessary to pay with SOFORT Überweisung.

SOFORT Überweisung is a TÜV-certified online payment system. Place the desired goods in the shopping cart and proceed to checkout. On the Payment and Shipping Methods page, select the IMMEDIATE transfer option as the payment and shipping method and click "Next". We will forward you to SOFORT Überweisung, where you can add the bank details and account number to the order details already entered in the secure payment form. Confirm your SOFORT transfer only with PIN and TAN data. After successful payment IMMEDIATELY transfer you will be back in our webshop passed back and your order is complete. After placing your order through our web shop, you will receive an order confirmation by email. Your order will be sent from our web shop to our sales team and confirmed after successful verification.


If you are a customer at Amazon, you can easily and conveniently pay at via your Amazon customer account. Use the information that is already stored in your Amazon account. Your payment information remains with Amazon for maximum privacy. If you pay with Amazon Payments, Amazon Buyer Protection applies to you.

Purchase on account for public institutions offers public institutions such as schools, universities or municipalities the payment on account. Please contact us about this.


Pay quickly and easily in small monthly installments through our partner Consors Finanz. Simply select the item, go to the checkout and select "Financing" as the payment method. You will once your order is automatically forwarded to Consors Financial where your n fill loan application online and then print to.

It's that simple:

  1. Fill out the application form online.
  2. Then print out the loan agreement and sign it in the appropriate places.
  3. Have your identity confirmed by Postident in the nearest post office.
  4. We will deliver your ordered goods to you as soon as your financing application has been received by our partner bank (subject to a final positive check after receipt of your documents).

The bank requires the following documents:

  • Signed loan agreement
  • Last proof of salary / for self-employed persons the last BWA - for a financing sum of € 1,500 or more
  • A copy of the residence permit for nationals of countries outside the EU
  • Students: Copy of a valid student ID or enrollment certificate for the current semester and copy of the ec / Maestro or credit card
  • Apprentices: Copy of a current pay slip and copy of the ec / Maestro or credit card

The following requirements must be met:

  • You are an employee and have been working for your current employer for at least 3 months. Your employment relationship is unlimited for the next 12 months or
  • You are a pensioner with a permanent pension or
  • You have been self-employed for at least 12 months.
  • You have a regular income of at least € 650 net.
  • You have no negative Schufa entry.


Like all banks, Consors Finanz is legally obliged to carry out a legitimacy check. The identity of all new customers is checked before lending. This test is also for your own safety.

Your identity check can easily be carried out in the nearest Deutsche Post branch.

Postident - in wenigen Schritten zu Ihrer Bestellung:

Read the printed contract carefully. Sign the contract in the designated places and enclose the documents requested by the bank. Seal the documents in an envelope and take it to the nearest post office using the Postident form. A Swiss Post employee confirms your identity using your valid ID card or passport. Upon receipt of the financing application by Consors Finanz, we will deliver the goods you have ordered to you immediately (subject to a final positive check after receipt of your documents).

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