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iRobot Roomba 866 vacuum cleaner robot




Daily dirt has no chance

iRobot Roomba 866 helps you with the daily cleaning of your floors. Just press Clean and Roomba will start cleaning. Thanks to its effective pick-up rollers, Roomba 866 is virtually maintenance-free - you do not need to brush hair or dirt off the brushes. The effective AeroForce cleaning technology provides up to 50% more cleaning power (compared to 600, 700 series) and is therefore ideal for pet owners who are constantly struggling with animal hair.

- Matting free rubber rollers

- Up to 50% more cleaning performance (compared to 600, 700 series)

- Effective HEPA-style filter for allergy sufferers

- Easy cleaning according to schedule

Clean floors every day. With just a touch of a button

Make more of your time and let Roomba do the work.

Aero Force System

The AeroForce system uses a combination of shaking, swirling and picking for the best cleaning results.

Enormous suction power

A highly efficient vacuum provides five times more suction power than previous Roomba models

Maintenance-free pickup rollers

The counter-rotating AeroForce rubber extractors break up dirt particles and whirl up dust and dirt. Thanks to their shape and texture, they are non-entangling and require almost no care.

Optimized airflow channel

The concentrated airflow flows through the extractors into a hermetically sealed channel for maximum suction.

Nationwide navigation

iAdapt, the advanced software and sensor system, allows Roomba to find its way through apartments of all sizes, working on each area of ​​the floor several times.

Crash sensors

Detects and avoids stairs and other crash hazards and automatically reverses.

Set schedule

Roomba can be programmed up to seven days in advance and automatically and independently cleans your floors without you having to be present.

Flat design

Thanks to the flat design it cleans easily under many pieces of furniture such as Sofas, chairs and tables and around obstacles.

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