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Mobile and flexible in every room, energy class A. white

Pleasant atmosphere in every room
Whether at home, in offices or public spaces, whirlpool air conditioners create a pleasant indoor climate almost unnoticed. The compact and quiet devices stay comfortably in the background. Thanks to proven, high whirlpool quality, they always perform perfectly and offer a high level of operating and maintenance convenience.

The mobile air conditioners from Whirlpool are small, handy and flexible in use. Thanks to their ergonomic design and the 4 integrated castors, they can be easily moved from one room to another, are easy to install and quickly ensure the perfect climate everywhere.

Jet fast cooling function
Simply activate the jet button, the device sets a high fan speed and automatically cools the room to 18°C ​​in a short time, regardless of the previously set temperature.

6th sense function
A sensor integrated in the device automatically checks the values ​​of the room climate and adjusts all operating functions so that an ideal feel-good climate is created (e.g. automatic activation of the cooling if the room air gets too warm or automatic switch-off if the room has cooled down successfully).

Around-U feel-good function
A sensor in the remote control provides the indoor unit with precise information about the user's immediate surroundings in order to optimally control the temperature. For an ideal even temperature.

Sleep mode night operation
The intelligent sleep mode with noise reduction and automatic temperature control. A temperature that's comfortable when you're awake might be too cool when you're asleep. The intelligent sleep mode takes these natural changes into account. Together with the dim function, which switches off the lighting on the display, the sleep mode offers optimal comfort.

Dust filter
The dust filter is easy to clean and can therefore be reused at any time.

Hepa filters
Hepa filter eliminates pollen, fine dust and pneumobacteria. The Hepa Filter (High Efficiency Particulate Air) consists of hundreds of small glass fibers that together form a kind of air-permeable folded paper. The filter captures particles as small as 0.3 microns, making it ideal for removing dust and microorganisms. With regular cleaning, a Hepa filter lasts 5-6 years. The Institute of Environmental Science certifies the effectiveness of the Hepa filter with an efficiency of 99.7%.

Type of Air Conditioner
Mobile air conditioners
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Whirlpool PACW 12CO mobile air conditioning EEC: A

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