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Relax and let tedious cleaning tasks in the future with the Roborock S8+ equipped with the latest technology
Finish it!
DuoRoller brush, VibraRise wiper system and RockDock Plus form the perfect unit to bring radiant cleanliness into your home
Bring it!

DuoRoller brush
Two specially developed, innovative rubber brushes absorb dirt, dust and hair without any problems, without particles sticking to them or long hairs getting trapped in them. The DuoRoller brush can be used on a wide variety of surfaces (wood, tiles, carpet,. . . ) and always delivers flawless results.

HyperForce suction power
The Roborock S8+ has an improved suction capacity of 6000 Pa - no dust is safe from it.

Carpet Boost + System
Carpet cleaning is no problem for the Roborock S8+ thanks to the latest technology. Regardless of whether long or short flora, all dirt particles are completely removed.

VibraRise wiper system
Thanks to sound vibration technology, which creates constant pressure on your floors, the Roborock S8+ wipes your premises brilliantly clean (3000 wiping cycles, 6N wiping pressure, 5mm mop lifting).

Reactive 3D obstacle avoidance
Structured 3D light and infrared imaging technology help the Roborock S8+ detect and avoid obstacles in your living space at any time of the day.

PreciSense LiDAR Navigation
The PreciSense LiDAR navigation system of the Roborock S8+ independently scans your premises, creates an exact cleaning map and determines the ideal route for your Roborock S8+.

No-go areas
The Roborock S8+ independently removes areas where cleaning is difficult because it could get stuck there, and automatically bypasses them. No-go zones can also be set up using the Roborock app to prevent access to the robot.

3D cleaning card
Using the app, your rooms can be recreated in detail in 3D (e. g. furniture or planters can be inserted), making the cleaning work of the Roborock S8+ even more precise.

Mapping system for several floors
Up to four floors of a multi-storey building can be mapped using the Roborock app. Without the need for additional docks or identification via app, the Roborock S8+ independently detects the area to be cleaned.

Save electricity
Control your Roborock S8+ via app for off-peak charging, saving power and lowering your costs.

Autonomous emptying
The Roborock S8+ automatically empties the collected dirt into the 2. 5l dust bag after work has been done. This saves you up to 7 weeks of troublesome handling.
353 x 96.5 x 350
9.2 kg
Remote control via App
sound power level
67 dB (A)
Power supply
Staubwischroboter mit Absaugstation
Maximum Power
69 Watt
Maximum suction power
6 kPa
Area yield in m²
Volume of water tank max. in ml
Volume Dust container max. in ml
Obstacle detection
Pre-programmed cleaning
Systematic cleaning
Virtual Walls
targeted cleaning
Wet/dry suction function
Wet wiping function
Spatial recognition
Charging station
Carpet recognition
Auto Return Function
Suction station
Accessories in the device
Special features
  • High Speed Sonic Mopping
  • Child protection
  • Obstacle overcoming (20mm)
  • Voice control
  • Active water supply / - control
  • Warning in case of too little water
  • Increase in suction on carpet
Battery capacity
5200 mAh
Maximum operating time
180 min
Charging time
6 Stunden
operation area
  • Tiles
  • Hardwood floors
  • Laminates
  • Parquet floors
  • Stone floors
  • Carpets
scope of delivery
  • Robot vacuum cleaner
  • Suction station
  • dust filter
  • Power cord
  • quick start Guide
  • Wiping module
  • Mop attachment
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